die grüne stadt

"on the south-western border of the county of lippe there is a long wooded mountain range. (...) on the north-eastern side towards the flat land, near the town of horn, at the mouth of a valley, stand, separate from the mountain, three or four individual rocks rising vertically; a circumstance not uncommon in this type of mountain. their outstanding strangeness aroused reverence from the earliest times; they may have been dedicated to pagan worship and were then consecrated to christian worship."

johann wolfgang von goethe

the nature film about the externsteine, also known as the stone of the magpies, marks the beginning of a series of nature documentaries about the teutoburg forest. the film accompanies this special place at two different times of the year: on a warm summer's day and in snowy winter. the differences in atmospheric perception could hardly be greater.

music: away von meydän und arctic fog von blear moon
voice actor: denis vidinski
sound design: niklas agalstra