karlsruhe light rail tunnel

the urbanistic film about the light rail tunnel in karlsruhe by allmannwappner from munich tells a journey through different stations of the puristic underground network.

the contemplative atmosphere of the altogether seven new stations is revealed by the interplay of clarity and composition, materiality and light and urban bustle. the architectural minimalism paired with the artificial light installations by ingo maurer create a timeless-looking stage that permanently oscillates between science fiction and everyday life.

the film consists of two basic levels. in the first chapter, the everyday life of the stations can be experienced through the animated stations. the second chapter creates the possibility for the viewer to travel alone through the futuristic atmosphere of the empty stations and tunnels. the film grants rare insights that are denied in everyday life.

the music for the film was composed by nils frahm.

architect: allmannwappner
music: nils frahm