barkow leibinger

"unlike individual photographs, the medium of film makes the urban concept and the dimension of the industrial village tangible."
barkow leibinger

the architectural film deals with the planning of the trumpf campus in ditzingen, which has been going on for more than 20 years, by the berlin architectural firm barkow leibinger.

the film shows a multifaceted day at the campus. the interplay of social and technical demands on the campus and its buildings characterises the industrial village and the film about it. production, research and life flow seamlessly into one another. the result of the film is a composition of nature and science fiction, man and machine – micro- and macrocosm.

„people want to see patterns in the world. it is how we evolved.“
benoît mandelbrot

the design approach of the architectural office - thinking in different scales and dimensions - was also transferred to the narrative structure of the film. divided into several chapters, the narrative journey covers different buildings, dimensions and times of day and explains the urban concept of the industrial village on the basis of this journey.

architect: barkow leibinger