brückner & brückner achitekten

kulturspeicher würzburg

"space stores condensed time in its thousand honeycombs. that's what space is for."
gaston bachelard

the architectural film about the kulturspeicher shows the first building designed by the architectural office brückner und brückner. the kulturspeicher, evolved from the 1904 built warehouse building at the harbor of würzburg, serves today as a museum, theater and event location and shows among other things one of the largest concrete art collections in europe of the collector peter c. ruppert. on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the kulturspeicher, the film delves into the deep atmospheres of the store and examines the traces of time, which are often only revealed at second glance in the materials and the space itself.

the origin of the sandstone, its birthplace in the quarry, introduces the journey through time and shows the flowing interplay of the present and stored memories. in close collaboration with the musicians and sound designers of the ausrauschenkolletiv, a unique soundtrack was created, generated from the materials and places of origin of the kulturspeicher itself - a dense web of sound, constantly varying between noise and music, everyday life and dream, memory and vision.

architect: brückner & brückner architekten
music/soundscape: ausrauschenkollektiv
text: dr. winfried helm